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Message started by ve77er on Mar 21st, 2013 at 2:45am

Title: History of the Yellow Corvette
Post by ve77er on Mar 21st, 2013 at 2:45am
many of you know I once owned a 1977 code 52 Corvette Yellow which currently resides with Alan (Knotacare) in his stable and I thought it would be fun to give some historical background on the color as it pertains to Corvette throughout Corvette history up to the C-3 series so, here it goes:
1955-The first year called "Harvest Gold" and adorned 120 units
it did not return until 1958, called "Panama Yellow" with 455 produced that was the last for the C-1's on the C-2's yellow first became available in 1965 called "Goldwood Yellow" with 1,275 for 1966 and 1967 they named it "Sunfire Yellow" and 2,339 and 2,325 were produced respectfully.
now we come to the C-3's:
1968- "Safari Yellow" 3,133 produced
1969- "Daytona Yellow" no data
1970- " Daytona Yellow" no data
1971- Chevrolet released (for the 1st time) two shades of yellow for Corvette the first called "Sunflower Yellow" 1,177 produced and "Warbonnet Yellow" actually Gold in color with 3,706 produced.
1972-the last year for true chrome bumpers;
"Sunflower Yellow" 1,542 produced
"Warbonnet Yellow" 2,550 produced
1973- again two shades "Yellow" and "Metaliic Yellow" also gold in hue; with no data on production numbers
1974 one hue "Bright Yellow" no data on production
1975 the last year for the convertible again "Bright Yellow" with 1,883 produced
1976-"Bright Yellow" 3,389 produced
1977 again two shades and from personal experience I will give the code numbers:
52 "Corvette Yellow" 71 cars produced
56 "Bright Yellow" with 1,942 produced
1978 "Corvette Yellow" 1,243 produced
1979 "Corvette Yellow" 2,357 produced
1980 "Yellow" 2,077 produced
1981 "Yellow" 1,031 produced
this would be the last for yellow until the C-4 would ressurect it in 1986 for the Indy Pace car edition (and return of the convertible) it was available again in the 90's as "Competition Yellow" and "Millenium Yellow" which ran from 1999 until 2005 in 2006 through today it is known as " Velocity Yellow" so, that's my run down on what I think is a great color for this particular car regardless of series, there's something about a Yellow Vette!!
.............Chris  [smiley=beer.gif]

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